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It has been the month of offers, offers, offers, so take a look below to see if there is anything of interest to you........


New in-bargain

White ladies breeches only £29.99 rrp £89.99 each
sizes 24",26",28",30", 32",34"
be quick at this price they won't hang around forever.
These are available on our eBay shop ( not instore )

now black ones just arrived




One of the special offers is the speedskip poop scoop and fork reduced from £26.50 to only £14.99 each. 


Also we have a rail of hi viz clothing on sale at £10 each



Anybody use this I have 6 available at a bargain price of £20.00 each can ship for an additional £4.99. Please message us if interested ?



*** Great News***

If you were not one of the raffle winners, we have a special consulation prize for you.....

Bring along your raffle ticket to the shop and you will get an additional 10% off a heavyweight turnout Combo rug


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The raffle we were holding has been drawn

Catch the video of the drawing here......

Congratulations to all the winners, don't forget you have 2 weeks to come along and claim your prizes. 


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Just when you thought you had all the colours they go and produce more.....

Here is whats coming soon blackcurrant or ice blue which is your favourite, all products will be available from hat silks to pads, base-layers and fleeces etc etc.

Take a look at our Facebook page to see the feedback from people



Which is your favourite?  Will you be making any new purchases?

Keep your eyes posted, we will let you know when they arrive...

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Sitting here as i write this thinking to myself why? it's the first thing that pops into my head as im looking around the shop, yes we have hundreds of them, look further down to find out why......

So the heat wave is giving us a break for the time being, hence the wet stuff has been making a show (i was forgetting what it looked and felt like) so without further ado lets see whats been going on and what new stuff Kim has come across in the shop.....


HoovesThis hard ground is doing no favours for our horses feet. I recently bought this stuff for my horses hooves and seen an improvement already after just a few days. I had a customer come in to the shop recently who applied this with a sponge to their horses feet and the residue which was still on their hands has made their nails stronger so it’s got to work! It’s in the 1ltr tub and it’s £14.35. Well worth the money! 👍

Continuing with hooves -  We’ve got brands such as Effol, Cornucrescine and Kevin Bacon all that have really good, proven results! We also have a hoof supplement by Cornucrescine which can be added to the feed to help the horses within! 6kg tub for £34.99 which is good value! 


Biotin is also great for the hooves and Equine America have got a great value bag of 2kg for £15.99



Fly Products:  Fly fringes and fly masks have gone out so quickly, most of our suppliers are struggling with the high demand this year but we’ve managed to get some! We’ve just had some more fly fringes come in which are elasticated in cob and full. We’ve also just had some cob fly masks (full nose) arrive. The fly fringes are £7.99 and the fly masks are £16.99.


  • We recently had a customer in requesting this and after hearing all about it we thought it was worth a try in the shop. This is a high quality skin and coat conditioner which can be used on all minor cuts, abrasions, bites and stings. It can be used on ponies which are prone to skin conditions such as sweet itch, mud fever and rain scald and even as a insect repellent for horse and humans. A bargain at £7.50 for 500ml


  • Clearance fly masks in pony and small pony only £5 each online only (not available in-store)


  • Fly repellent sales have gone through the roof, the offer with the Extra Strength Fly Repellent from Carr Day & Martin has now sold out. We have managed to stock up on some other brands and keeping topped up with the best seller Phaser. Think this has been a one of our record sales with all things fly related! I know we love the fact that we’ve had this lovely weather but our poor horses really have suffered. 🐴🐴🐎🐎 lets enjoy the relief of some cooler weather! 🙌🏻🙌🏻




Sweet-Itch - It’s that time of year when sweet itch is causing our horses stress and discomfort. This supplement contains a unique blend of chamomile, burdock root, nettle and garlic granules which can be added to the feed and will help to keep your horses feeling comfortable from the inside. We have this in stock here at the shop at £12.45 for 1kg.




1st-Aid - This is a great bit of kit for your first aid kit. Used for dressing of wounds and forms a film of protection against sweat, urine, water and other damaging influences. Recently in stock in the shop at £9.99



**New Product**

Recently come into stock are the Shires Moretta Gianna Long Leather Riding Boots. Already proving popular for a leather riding boot.

The Gianna field riding boots present a polished, professional touch to your riding. A close leg fit is achieved by pairing hard wearing leather inner calves with softer stretch outer panels that hug the leg.
• Stretch mock lace detail 
• Dressage cut tops with soft piqued leather inners 
• Wicking linings for acclimatised feet 
• Shock absorbing insoles provide contoured comfort underfoot 
• Anti-shock soles with steel shanks for anti-fatique relief in stirrups 
• YKK zips

Sizes available: 4 through to 9 in adult sizes and 3 different calf widths; slim/standard/wide.

At a very attractive price of £109.99



Carr Day & Martin Canter Coat Shine

RRP £11.99  This weeks price just £9.99.

Grab a bargain while it lasts!


Remember our famous bucket offer? Well it is back! 
Avoid disappointment and pre order for collection from 25th July. A special offer that will no doubt sell out fast. This offer is COLLECTION ONLY and cannot be shipped. There is no limit on how many you can buy.

RRP is £4.99 each, BUY ONE at £5 and get 3 more FREE.

You can choose the colours we don't mind.



We recently had some lovely lightweight numnahs in from Shires and have now got them in white to go with the eventing season. Available in both 15-16.5” and 17-18” and at a very reasonable price of £25.99



The large delivery of buckets arrived. For all of you that have pre ordered via the website you can collect from Wednesday onwards. Don't forget this fantastic offer of buy one get 3 free.


Treat sales were so high last week and by the weekend we were nearly out so we had more treats delivered ready for the new week! Don’t forget the offer of the KM Elite 4kg bag which comes with a free bucket and scoop at £7.99. We all love to spoil our horses 💕💕🐴🐴



Body Protector clearance ( Instore only ) 

Just togs adult
Airowear outlyne adult 
Airowear riever small adult 
Champion flex air small adult
Champion titanium T22 adult and child
Racesafe adult 
Karben children’s 

Selected items only in sale HALF PRICE or less prices start at £15.00 
For more information please call the shop on 01844 201750


Look what’s finally arrived......

I always love new stock arriving from Le Mieux and after the response we had on Facebook after we announced the new range hoping you will be excited to see it’s finally arrived. I personally think it’s a very elegant range and I’m a little bit in love with the plum. 

We have the dressage and CC pads, just awaiting arrival of the GP but we have the matching fly veils and bandages. 

CC/Dressage Pads £54.95
Fly veils £29.95
Bandages £29.95

What do we all think?  —  feeling excited.


Here at 2x Tack we do love our Le Mieux and we got a new delivery this week on colours that we were missing on various pads. We have tried to make sure we have a good selection of the larger and smaller sizes. What better to way to tell you what we have is by showing you the colour range!





We came in one morning and found Derek with a bucket on his head and who can blame him in this weather!

Buckets now available at the following outlets JRG Pet & EquestrianAston Clinton FeedsBenson Angling and Canoe Hire CentreBlewbury Tack & Feed StoreTack_exchange.


*** New In Today!! ***

I know we don’t want to admit defeat that the cold might be on its way but we have to be a bit prepared and I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve enjoyed curling up in my duvet for a change for the last couple of days and we’ve finally had some rain! ☔️☔️ hooray!! 

So to help us get a bit warmer, check out these lovely hoodies. For those that shop with us regularly, we had some lovely bright polo shirts from the same company. These hoodies are in lovely colours: navy, grey, pink and purple and a real bargain at £34.99. So nice I’ve bought one myself already!

  Grab them while they are here!


A Year has passed now and we celebrate a member of our staff for surviving with us for that amount of time - Kim's 1 year anniversary, welcome to the house of fun.......

Don't forget to ask at the counter for your raffle ticket for entry in the prize draw to win a £200, £100 or £50 voucher to spend in-store.

I leave you now so i can get round to getting the next blog ready, ride safe and take care.

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Hat Clearance Sale

IN-STORE ONLY due to being fitted

We are having a clearance on riding hats, come get a bargain for half price or less

Various brands as follows:

Gatehouse, Champion, Caldene, Horze, RXC1, Shires

Over 100 hats available

Starts today (Friday 13th July)
First Come, First Served, (whilst stocks last)

Prices vary from £15 upwards

NB: the prices vary on brands and shape of your head, any questions pop along to have a look and chat to one of our hat fitters who’ll be able to help further



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 Not long now till our lovely darlings finish for the summer holidays if they haven't already, then it won't be long before they start with "i'm bored", or "what can i do" so are you getting them ready for Pony/riding camp? take a look at some small starter kits we have been making in the shop.

Here we have a small starter set all containing 250ml of

tack cleaner, tack conditioner, fly spray, a sponge and a hoof pick

RRP £20 our price £13.99 (whilst stock lasts)


*** camp set for greys***

All 200ml whitening shampoo, stain remover, & coat shine together with a sponge, hoof-pick and a tub of white plaiting bands.

RRP £22.59
Special price £1



Drip feeds various colours

Was £15.99
Now £10 (whilst stocks lasts)

Can be purchased online with £4.99 postage & packaging



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Yes everyone is now starting to either love it or hate it, personally i love it, all i need now is that ice cold beer.....

Its been a flying week so i'll get straight to it, the lovely Kim has been updating the Facebook page with lots of ideas, new products and look out for more information about the prize draw we are having in-store.


BZZZZZZZ:  We all wait for what seems like ages for the lovely weather to come and then we are plagued with the pesky flies that just seem to be out in force at the moment! Not only do we have fly rugs, fly masks and fly repellents (click to take you to webpage) we do also have some lotions and potions which contain citronella to help with the flies.

 The Nettex range are a great range, have used these personally on my own horses. They have a no rinse wash which you can use after exercise and just add to water, a coat spray to help repel dirt and gives the coat a lovely shine as well as fragrance. There is also the fly repellent/citronella shampoo from Nettex and Supreme products.

Anything that can help to make the flies just a bit more bearable.....



So if any of the above doesn't work, we do have

****** BACK-UP FLY PLAN *****

We ask you (our) customers which works best? simply purchase the Nettex Fly repellent Advanced DEET based Spray @ the discounted price of £12.99, if that doesnt work then you've got the fly squatter as a back-up plan FOC (free of charge) so one of them is bound to work.

Disclaimer: Please note that the fly squatter must not be used as a weapon as it may cause injury.


Prize draw - you've got to be in it, to win it!!!


 Are you feeling lucky??? we are having a prize draw for all our customers, the lucky winners will receive as follows:

1st Prize - £200 credit
2nd Prize - £100 credit
3rd Prize - £50 credit

Now the rules:

🚩1 ticket per person, per transaction, per day
1 new ticket will be given per day when items purchased instore

🚩Winning numbers will be notified on our facebook page when all the tickets have been issued.

🚩In stock items only available

🚩No alternatives can be issued
🚩Prizes must be claimed within 2 weeks of notice online

🚩Prizes not claimed will be re-drawn to a new winner after the 2 week expiry date

🍀🍀🍀Good luck everyone 🍀🍀


 Staying with the in-store lines, we have back by popular demand - £10 a pair for jodhpur boots.


£10 a pair jodhpur boot offer whilst stocks last.

Kids and adult sizes both brown and black, Zip front or traditional boots, various brands

Come and grab a bargain and don’t forget you will automatically be entered into our prize draw to win a £200/£100/£50 gift voucher.


Please note, this promotion is in-store & while stocks last, they may end up online at a later date so keep your eyes peeled on our website.



In stock this week is a Supafleece Airflow Anti-slip numnah. The perforated anti-slip panels to the outer and a half lining on the inner allows airflow and provides a high degree of shock absorption. The upper spine area features a mesh construction neoprene lining to provide a slip resistant cushion under the saddle with an attractive quilt design to the upper with a soft, highly absorbent lining. We have these in both cob and full and they are priced at £39.99.



 I think Kim is thinking of Christmas already.... Tis' the season.......

We're in JULY KIM!!!

Tis’ the season for competing and sponsored rides....

We are all suffering with the hard ground and god forbid I say it, would love just a bit of rain! However equally enjoying the glorious sunshine. ☀️☀️😎😎

Lots of sponsored rides and competitions going on at the moment, we all want to keep our horses cool and look after their legs especially with this hard ground.

We have some lotions to help us out. Carr Day & Martin have a cooling gel and a lavender rinse to aid with cooling tired legs down. I’ve personally used the cooling gel after sponsored rides and it works a treat once we get back to the lorry. Simply wash the legs down after taking all your boots etc off and apply a layer of this to the legs and it instantly cools the legs. We have other lotions and potions to help as well.


Another great tip I’ve had which worked a treat on my last sponsored ride was to dunk a waffle type cooler rug in a bucket of water and put straight on your horse, while you are getting all your stuff together your horse stands nice and cool in this heat!

Don’t forget when your horse sweats, you need to replace the minerals lost. We have a couple of brands that do electrolytes which can both be added to their water and/or feed before and after events.


If there is any other lotions and potions that you find work a treat for this time of year, please let us know and we will do our best to try and get them.

Do you have any other tips and tricks you guys use at competitions etc for cooling down please do feel free to share! 

 Further to our post above we have just had some of this Green Ice come in from Equine America. I’ve bought some of this today as we’ve got quite a few competitions/sponsored rides coming up so I like to get stocked up. We’ve got 2 different sizes in stock, 1 litre at £16.99 and 2.5 litre at £27.99.



We do try our upmost to put as much information as we can on our website as there are few customers that don't do social media,  but sometimes events happen and it gets put behind.  Also with it being a family run business, life takes over, children poorly, etc, so our apologies if you've missed out on a promotion / deal / offer.

The blog is now being updated on a fortnightly basis to give a more detailed list of events or offers.

Good Luck to you all who are competing, showing eventing etc,

be safe and keep cool in this heat 


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 As the title says, it has been a week of mixture, new products, sale offers, and of course new range coming soon....

So in no particular order here they are:


Fly Products:

 HY Free Fit fly fringe now in stock in all sizes. No headcollar needed. A great addition for this time of year!


New offer this weekend

We have a selection of new childrens 'Karben' Body Protectors at sizes XSmall, Small, Medium & Large at the reduced price of £79.99 this week only.

We are restricted to discount them any further so you will receive........

a free polo shirt/t-shirt
a free pair of jod boots and
a free pair of socks

with every 'Karben' body protector purchased on this offer only!!!

These body protectors are very competitively priced & are only availble at this price on our current order.



New products 

We had some lovely new greetings cards arrive today. Perfect for every occasion. (see the vides below) A great price of £1.50  We even have wrapping paper as well to co-ordinate with the cards at only £1.99. More videos to follow of the range. We know that horse people can be quite tricky to buy for so don’t forget we do gift vouchers.

 Gift wrap and tags to match some of the cards! Perfect for every horse lovers gifts!



Special offers available in store. Various t-shirts and one offs on a BOGOF. Adult and kids. Grab yourself a bargain




Shires highlander sweet itch rugs only £52.99 reduced from £73.99 plus £4.99 shipping only online



Le Mieux have announced a new range - 'The Heritage Collection'. We are really excited by this collection and it's available in Plum, Navy and Beige. What are peoples thoughts on this? Coming to our shop soon!



With eventing season well & truly in full swing, you want to take extra care of your horses legs. Especially with the hard ground we are experiencing at the moment. We have a few pairs left of the Aerochill boots.

Evaporative Cooling helps increase recovery time, cools body tissue and regulates outer thermal temperature. Aerochill Cooling Boots are also quilted which ensures that evaporation and therefore cooling occurs over a longer period of time.

Aerochill evaporative cooling products use a non-toxic, super-absorbent polymer fibre, this evaporative cooling technology is used all over the world by elite clients including Formula One drivers, athletes and Military Special Forces to keep them cool.

The Aerochill Cooling Boot is designed to the shape of a horses's leg and fetlock so that it will help support and help reduce typical after-workout swelling. Suitable for front and hind legs.

The Aerochill Cooling Boot can be re-activated over and over agaIn by simply soaking in cold water.
Aerochill technology is built into the actual fabric of the product so its cooling power won't diminish overtime, unlike other gel-based cooling technologies.

We have 3 sets left; 2 medium and 1 small at a very reasonable price of £39.99.



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We are very pleased to announce that Kelly from Dobbins Clobber has agreed to join us at Two Times Tack.

We have worked together with Kelly for nearly 10 years of the 16 that Dobbins Clobber has been in existence and respect her knowledge & experience in this field.

Kelly is trained in safety products & holds a City & Guilds certificate for hat fitting which add to her equine skills.

This strengthens our hat & body protectors together with air-Jackets team that always seems to be in demand.

Kelly is a very experienced rider & trained in most equine products which we believe can strengthen our offer.

We are based on Notley farm in Buckinghamshire/Oxford with 3 barns, the main one has 2-storeys plus a number of storage containers to keep stock available.

We are not your normal tack shop but worth a visit, view our shop on 'Wocket Woys' facebook page to see more.

Too good to miss so you'll need a big cuppa...... Posted on 06 Jun 16:07 , 0 comments

Our last blog was full to the brim of things happening and going on so here's another one.... 

With some holiday taken we are feeling refreshed and ready for the summers mad rush........

Lots of new products arrived and its the best part of the job, finding out who has what and waiting for their arrival so we can let (you) our customers know.

Here are some offers going on and as we say once its gone its gone!!! so grab yourself a bargain 

Riding Hat Offers - as you can see below some very good prices all in safety standards and with limited numbers too 

As a thank you for the support of the sale of the above riding hats, we have added 2 new models 

1. Young Riders Show Hat Size 55 - 60 
RRP £64.40 Offer Price £49.00

2. Flesh Harness Showjumper XP Sizes 54 - 59
RRP £155.50 Offer Price £75.00


Here is one of our regular customers collecting his new bespoke Charles Owen riding hat here at Two Times Tack under the supervision of Derek the horse.


 Horze tendon/fetlock boot sets in pony/cob/full have been reduced down to just £20 from £34.99. Grab yourself a bargain while they last, only a handful left.


In the Pink 3 sets for £10 - pink leadrope & headcollars mix and match sizes we don't mind, available in full, cob, pony & foal


New Products - Its been a day of matchy, matchy & Mustard take a look below.....

New rugs have come in from Shires. We have a brand new waffle available at just £34.99. It’s super lightweight which is perfect for after exercise or washing. The waffle fabric traps the air which prevents the horse from chilling and the hard wearing polyester dries quickly and keeps to its shape. Other benefits include blanket set chest straps, adjustable surcingles and a fillet string.

Only available in Blue

We also have a fleece/mesh cooler which is ideal for after exercise and comes in red/navy/grey or royal/pink/grey. The mesh allows the air to circulate whilst the fleece section on the back wicks away the moisture and helps to regulate the temperature to prevent chilling. All this at a very reasonable price of £32.99.


 These we will be stocking on a regular basis


LeMieux - Another matchy matchy base layer and hat silk colour arrived in from LeMieux, Black/Grey.  

Rather smart I think!

We now have all LeMieux hat silks and matching base layers available in store and they are selling fast. Great for the matchy matchy enthusiasts! Base layers £39.95 and hat silks £19.96.

Staying with LeMieux.....

To go with all the matchy matchy base layers and hat silks, Le Lieux have brought out polo shirts to match! Great for the Spring/Summer! Available is XS/S/M/L and at a very reasonable price of £29.99


Pro Sorb Memory Foam Half Pad - A brand new memory foam half pad which encourages the saddle to ‘bed down’ naturally to the horses shape which allows effective shock absorption and pressure distribution. Comes complete with additional shims to allow for more adjustment. The pad can be used with or without these.

Available in 3 elegant colours; navy, black and grey.   They come in one size which will fit up to an 18” saddle and can be used for GP, CC and dressage saddles. What’s great as well, they can be machine washed on a 30 degree cycle (they do advise on using a wash bag to protect the pad and your washing machine!). 
The price on these is £69.95

 They are here !!!!

Mustard - Discontinued by LeMieux and made just for us and you of course!!!

 Back by popular demand and just for us here at Two Times Tack. The lovely people at LeMieux delivered us all sizes on all pads (CC, GP and Dressage) and we also have the full size bandages too!   All pads are £29.99 and the bandages are £19.99.   Available to buy online shop or from us in-store.  (Delivery charge through the shop is £4.99)


***Attention all CORAL RED fanatics***

We are no longer able to get hold of Coral Red from LeMieux due to the colour being discontinued. We do however still have limited pads in the shop which will go quickly. We have 2 large GP, 1 large CC and 1 large dressage pad left at £39.95. We also have a few matchy matchy items to go with them - polo bandages (pony size) at £19.99 and support boots at £32.50 (3 pairs of large left).  These are not available on our website but they are in our shop

***Update 2/6 the pads have all sold now***



 Turmergold has proved very popular since we started getting this in. We now have an additional size in stock of 1.5kg in at £8.99. This is a great all round supplement for joint support. Additional sizes include 950g, 3kg and 6kg


 This product is a valuable bit of kit to have! Silver salve from Leovet contains pure silver which have an antiseptic affect and suppress bacterial growth. High quality plant oils provide dry skin with moisture. I used this on my boy when his mud fever was on its last stages and it worked a treat! It’s worth the money for £8.90!

 Supreme Products - Showing season is well and truly upon us and we all want our horses looking the best in the show ring. We have a wide selection of products to pamper our 4 legged friends but for that real edge in the show ring Supreme try to cater for every need.  All available in the shop. If we haven’t got exactly what you want we can always look to see if we can get what you need.  A member of staff has personally used the shampoos and they bring a lovely shine to the coat.



We’ve waited months and months for the warmer weather and lighter evenings. However, there is something we all hate at this time of year and that’s the dam flies and horse flies!

So we want a bit of help from you, we’ve listed all the fly repellents that we have in the shop and they are numbered. Let us know which one you use and rate as the best one for your horse. We appreciate what works for one doesn’t always work for another but we want to try and stock what people use the most and we value our customers opinions. Equally if there is something we don’t stock that you use we are always happy to try and source it where we can!

One of our members of staff uses 4, 11 and 13 and all do a pretty good job. Phaser does seem to do a dam good job when they've been out on sponsored rides!


 Shires are hot on the tail for matchy matchy enthusiasts! They have some lovely base layers available in 3 eye catching colours and intricate detail on each colour with matching hat silks. The base layers are available in both children’s and adults sizes. Adult base layers are £32.99 children’s are £26.99. The matching hat silks are £13.99


Not only have they got base layers and hat silks, they too have matching pads and boots (both tendon/fetlock and brushing/over reach), another new product is a half pad to match! at a reasonable price of £32.99. Available in 2 sizes of 15”-16.5”.

The only colour that appear to be missing from the saddle pad range is navy.

A reasonably priced way to enter the world of matchy matchy


Well that was one lengthy blog, keep your eyes posted as we will have more products arriving in June no doubt, and click here to see see further details on our facebook page as offers are posted daily. 

Majority of the above products are on our website to purchase, if you see something you like then please give us a call 01844 201750