Beneficial to skin & coat - also helps maintain general good health.

  • Combines the powerful nutritional properties  of Turmeric and Micronised (cooked) Linseed Meal.
  • Contains Glucosamine and MSM  to assist in the maintenance of cartilage and other connective tissue.
  • Coarse ground Black Pepper and vegetable oil (rapeseed) are included to improve the digestibility of the curcumin etc
  • Added Natural Vitamin E ( x4 more effective than synthetic - Pagan et. al. 1995)
    50 I.U./Kg -  for general health
  • Typical Analysis: Protein 12%; Oil 24% (Omega-3: 12% Omega-6: 4%); Starch <5%
  • Feed horses 50 to 100 gm/day/day; ponies: 25 -  50 gm/day.  Veterinary advice should be obtained before using this product if your horse is on medication of any kind